Don’t Forget Your 2015 Agricultural Burn Permit!

Just a reminder that burning by commercial agricultural operations requires a permit except when burning orchard prunings, natural vegetation along fence lines, irrigation and drainage ditches or natural vegetation blown by the wind. A grower must still comply with their fire protection authority’s notification/ approval process prior to igniting any outdoor fire even if an air quality permit is not required.

Two types of commercial agricultural permits are available. Spot burn permits, which are available through the District, allow burning of up to 10 acres total area of unforeseen and unpredictable small areas such as small weed patches, spots of heavy residue, and equipment plugs and dumps.

Field burn permits are issued for any burning which is definable and predictable. Any individual burn area, which consists of over 10 contiguous acres, would be considered a field and requires a field permit. Permits are issued by the Dept. of Ecology. Applications are available at the District office.

Burn Fees Effective July 1st, 2012
Field Burns $3.75 per acre – $37.50 Minimum
Spot Burn Permits – $37.50

Please contact Casey Scott at the ACCD Office with any questions at 509-758-8012 ext 111 or

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