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Long Range Planning

The Districtís goal is to develop a long range plan for EVERY cooperator in Asotin County.

Several reasons:

The more information the District has available, the better prepared we are to secure funding whether through current sources or seeking new ones. We need to include project detail in funding requests and we donít want cooperators to miss out. All our funding sources require cultural resources investigations for ground disturbing projects. The process to complete the investigation is time consuming and expensive. Our plan to improve this process is to complete Comprehensive Cultural Resource Surveys. This will keep us from having to do surveys for every individual cost-share projects for a cooperator. This approach will also provide more detail to the consulting parties to better understand the work that will be done. Comprehensive Plans tell the story. Funding sources, legislative representatives, partner agencies and the public need to understand the work that cooperators are doing VOLUNTARILY on private land to improve natural resources and address resource concerns. While we may approach a project in a phased plan, being able to show the overall benefit is crucial to ensuring there is support for the continuation of conservation work in Asotin County.

Our approach to developing Long Range Plans for cooperators is to start with the Property Inventory which is inserted in the newsletter. Please fill it out and return it to the District. This provides basic details about the property ownership, land uses and operations as well as identifies any projects you already want to do within the next 5 years. The next step will be to work with the District to develop a plan which will identify resource concerns and provide options to address them. Once the plan is completed, it is time to tackle the projects identified!

As projects are completed or when other issues arise we will work with cooperators to keep the plan up to date and can make changes as needed. Our goal is for the plan to be a tool for the District and the cooperator. As a living document this will guide our future work with the cooperator, show progress made over time, identify new projects as needed and tell the story of your conservation work.

Please fill out these 2 forms and get them back to us.

Cooperator Information Form


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